Parts for JOHN BEAN (JBC) Tire Changers

HEAD KIT, Nylon; for SnapOn and other Tire Changers.
Product ID : TC14024784
Nylon HEAD KIT (Mount / Demount Shoe, Duck-head) for some AccuTurn, FMC,...
HEAD, Tire Changer; Nylon. TC20024335
Product ID : BW-1040-07
Nylon Tire Changer HEAD (Mount / De-mount Shoe, Duck-head).
SWITCH, Foot Operated; for Turn-Table. ST0016433
Product ID : ST4030044
Foot operated turntable rotation SWITCH for many AccuTurn, Hofmann, John Bean...
VALVE, Air Blast Dump. ST0013155
Product ID : ST4030614
Bead Seating AIR BLAST DUMP VALVE for Tire Changers.
VALVE, Air; Bead Breaker. ST4017159
Product ID : ST4017159
Foot controlled AIR VALVE for the bead breaker function on many SnapOn, John...
VALVE, Air; Wheel Clamping. ST4009611
Product ID : ST4009611
Foot Controlled AIR VALVE for the Wheel Clamping function on many SnapOn,...