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Air VALVE, Foot Controlled; for Coats. 8181986

Air VALVE, Foot Controlled; for Coats. 8181986
Price: $159.59
Product ID : 8181986
Weight: 1.60 lbs



Foot Controlled AIR VALVE for Coats brand Tire Changers. Made in the USA. Used on dozens of models for TURNTABLE ROTATION, WHEEL CLAMPING, BEAD BREAKING. Includes spool and plunger rod.

This valve requires an EXTERNAL SPRING for centering. If you want the version of this valve that has an INTERNAL SPRING, order our 8184369.

Used on the following models: 

  • 5030A, 5030E, 5035A, 5035E, 5040A, 5040E, 5050A, 5050E, 5060E, 5060EX, 5060A, 5060AX, 5065A, 5065AX, 5065E, 5065EX.
  • 6050A, 6050AX, 6050E, 6050EX, 6060AX, 6060EX, 6065A, 6065AX, 6065E, 6065EX.
  • 7050AX, 7050EX, 7055AX, 7055EX, 7060AX, 7060EX, 7065AX, 7065EX, 7660AX, 7660EX, 7665AX, 7665EX. 
  • APX80A, APX80E, APX90A, APX90E (used for tilt tower control on APX models).
  • RC-100, RC-150EX, RC-200EX.

INTERCHANGES: 181986, 8181986, 8181986-US, 8182588, BW-1219-86.


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